• Are you forming, operating or closing a business?
  • The lawyers at the Law Offices of David W. Brown have the extensive knowledge, legal insight and experience to solve difficult legal problems relating to your business.
  • We aim to protect our clients’ rights and assets while helping them grow their business.
  • If you’re shutting down a business, we can help you through this process and give you the protection you need.

Our attorneys can help you in the following areas:

  • We can help you stay out of trouble and protect your rights while operating a business or commercial endeavor.
  • We can help you meet the requirements and protect your rights in the following business law categories: arbitration, competition, consumer protection, contract/agreement, corporate, financial, joint ventures, labor and organizations by legal status (for profit, nonprofit corporation or limited liability, etc. status) law.
  • We can help you meet the requirements and protect your legal rights in employee requirements, regulatory compliance, business risks assessments, and local, state and federal legal requirements.
  • We can help you with corporation & partnership business agreements, employment contracts and wrongful termination, and legal issues associated with deeds, equity, evidence, international, property, public law and restitution.
  • We can be retained as General Counsel to help you in forming, operating or closing down a business.